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Special Education (K-12) Track,
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Track #2: Special Education General Curriculum (K-12)

This specialized track is designed to provide graduate students with professional knowledge and skills needed to work in a variety of settings: General Education Classroom (where students with special needs are being collaboratively taught), Resource, modified resource rooms, self-contained settings or classrooms in varied urban, suburban or rural areas, Residential programs, and various community environments. Graduate students learn assessment and diagnosis of students, effective instructional procedures, collaborative techniques, and behavior management strategies. The specialized courses will endorse competencies required by the Virginia Department of Education for K-12 Special Education licensure. Graduates will be prepared to teach, counsel, consult, and serve as a resource to general educators, agencies, families of special needs learners, curriculum specialists, researchers, teacher educators, and school leaders.  

Program Faculty

Dr. Natalie Delbridge, PhD
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Curriculum Instruction
Assistant Professor at Virginia Union University and MACI Coordinator
Graduate of Capella University

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Virginia Union University, VA 23220
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